Here for a better Ostrava


The RT TORAX Group vision

The RT TORAX Group has been based in and done business in Ostrava since 1994. For all of this time it has been part of the city’s dynamic transformation. It has followed the change in the quality of life and recognizes the trend for positive change.

During the last thirty years the city has gone through crises and catharses. It has bounced back from the industrial transformation primarily thanks to the talent and energy of those who live there. Since the 1990s companies have grown up in Ostrava and the surrounding area that have enjoyed global success. Foreign investors have brought people’s skills to the region. The city is changing into a centre of technological excellence, full of buildings designed by world-famous architects. The Ostrava of today is a different city to the one it used to be, and the Ostrava of the future will again be one that is well-known in Europe.

RT TORAX Group has been part of this process for 27 years. We are convinced that our strategy of investing in the future of Ostrava is the correct one. We wish to continue contributing to the development of the city and region into the future. We have decided.